IEES, Institute of Ecology and Environnemental Sciences of Paris

IEES Paris

iEES-Paris aims at analysing and modeling the organization, functioning and evolution of ecological and environmental systems. It covers a wide range of skills :

  • population dynamics and biodiversity,
  • community ecology and ecosystems,
  • microbial ecology,
  • ecology of social organisms,
  • evolutionary ecology and process of adaptation to the environment,
  • ecology and communication mechanisms,
  • soil sciences and water.

iEES-Paris develops generic theories on ecological and environmental systems in order to predict their dynamics in the context of global and local changes.

It contributes to innovation in the sustainable management of biodiversity, ecosystems and agroecosystems and biological resources, to promote society's ecological transition.

iEES-Paris is funded by public research institutions and universities, and creates short and medium term partnerships with public authorities, private companies and non-governmental organizations. It is involved in basic research as well as in multidisciplinary projects.

The IEES-Paris scientists teach ecology, evolutionary and environmental sciences, and ecological engineering in ten higher education institutions of Paris region. They provide more than 10 000 hours of training per year, from the first year of the bachelorof science to the PhD, and they ensure the supervision of forty doctoral students and of more than a hundred  master students.